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Discovering that 2 adults out of the 25 children & adults in one of our church services are able to read, made us feel speechless!

Not being able to read has got the effect that you could sign something you don`t even know what you are signing for! Anybody could tell you anything and you just have to believe it!

Additionally being a Christian you would not even being able to get to know God`s word the bible for yourself!

Knowing of that terrible state how can you look away? Finding out that too many of the parents can`t afford the school fees, we started praying about these things.

Out of it we are believing for being able to buy land and building a Primary School for those children. Free for them to learn, getting at least 2 warm meals a day, being able to wash themselves, providing first aid services to them, school uniform and school equippment.

Another aspect of having a school for them is to employ staff: Teachers, Nurse, etc..

We would also ask & pray for Volunteers who are willingly putting their time & skills towards this work.


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David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
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