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Marion is a child almost 9 years of age.

We met her first 2 years ago when the Lord spoke to us

to take care of her schooling.


She started Nursery school baby class with 7 years of age in summer 2016. How happy it made her being able to learn reading and writing. She was so proud of her uniform!!! Time came in December last year to say good bye to her Nursery School which she graduaded very proudly with 13 other children.


Change came to her in spring time 2017 as all of a sudden her mother & new husband left her in Bukasa moving back to their villages.

Praise the Lord there was a woman living at the school premisses who took her in. At least there was a place to sleep, carying on her schooling and food which we added regularly to her care.


Now recently her mother moved again with her husband & his children from the village to some new unknown location. This new situation makes it difficult for Marion to go back to her mum or the village where her mum is originally from as Marion`s biological dad is from another tribe & village, was the second husband of her mum. A completely new situation, looking hopeless!!!


Having prayed about all of her situation we felt taking care of Marion as much as we can. Language makes things difficult as she isn`t able yet to express her feelings in english using her mother language which is Luganda.

A new school is found for her. Moving on into a Primary Boarding School in the new school year.

In the midst of all the hurt she experienced she gained hope for her future and loves visiting us!

Schooling isn`t cheap here in Uganda! Anual costs 3 years ago:

Uganda School Fees
Boarding school adds more costs, but is still very minimal compared to the U.S. boarding costs. Secondary school fees are more often in the $300 to $450 range for day schools. Boarding schools are typically from $650 to $850 or more when all costs are considered.


There are so many hopeless children. As well YOU can give such a hope to one in the way we do!!!

Giving makes really a difference in a child`s life to be able to learn reading, writing and more!!!

Give to a child`s schooling....

David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
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