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We met Immaculate at our last visit. She was one of the people who came to a church service in Bukasa together with her 4 children. During the service Mark had a word of knowledge for her, sharing it with her and praying her heart went open and tears run down her face. We had been moved greatly as we came to know she lives with her 4 children on her own. Her husband left to take a second wife somewhere else. But she came one Sunday showing us her making of necklaces. They looked incredible!!! They are made out of paper every single bead!!! What a heart and long work to just making the beads.Glueing them, varnishing them and then putting them together with other little plastic beads to make them looking so pretty! Knowing we`re soon going back to the UK again, we promissed taking some of them trying to sell them.

She was committed. What she said she did and came to trust us with her necklaces.

Praying for this matter be were so happy to see that the Lord answered & people were  buying those beautiful made necklaces! All came right in time for her because her Landlord was going to throw the family out if they wouldn`t come up with the rent for their place. Sending her the payment for her work she could pay their rent and stay!!! Praise God!!! Thanks to people who opened their hearts to her & her family!!! YES !!! It is possible!!!


Seeing her again in June this year was such a joy! Meanwhile the Lord helped her and her children to move into a place of her own. Which is a great relieve. The house needs still work inside but nobody can throw them out anymore.

She had a vision to help others with learning to make necklaces and trying them to sell in Uganda and abroad.

So we helped her to have a meeting place, by renting a room in Bukasa. She put in her own material plus already produced beads to give to the ladies she invited to come to 


a first meeting 2 weeks back. Six promissed to come. But the group grown to 12 and is now even constisting of 15 women and children coming also on a regular basis to learn.

It is wonderful to see them eagerly learning, chatting, helping each other!!! The money they raise from their work will support their families basic needs!!! And this all came about because Immaculate dared to step out of her own comfortzone to help not only herself but others in her Community too!!!


   And if YOU  would like to help them selling their 

          beautiful necklaces then please CONTACT US !!!

David's testimony in his own words :)
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