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David, a young man in his Twenties came to Kampala trying to find work. That was a difficult task as unemployment in Uganda is very high. Finding work was all he wanted. He was living with a relative. Having found some work, he didn`t receive his salary regularly at all. Therefore he searched for a new working place. Working in Uganda, 6 or 7 days a week with long working hours sometimes up to 16 hours a day and no payment granted is a terrible situation for many.

He found work as a school van driver. But still has had to walk to his working place for hours every day and back as he wasn`t in a position for paying any transport. He lost weight and all hope after months. Being as well involved in a agraculture project for some weeks, we had the impression to aks him for helping us clearing the bush land in the swamps we hoped to change into a garden for vegetables & fruits.

Working very hard, one of us had a word of knowledge from the Lord Jesus for him. ( 1 Corinthians 12:8 The bible). Having been hit in his heart by that word he was surprised how we could know his thoughts or situation. Some hours later at the same day the other one of us had the same word of knowledge for him as well. Talking to David about his thoughts and situation he couldn`t refuse anymore the believe that God himself is right there talking to him. Having been praying for David, we had the impression offering him a place to live with not costs.

He felt the love of God so much that he could`nt deny His existence!!! In all of that he wanted to come to Jesus, to give His life to him. Handing over full controll to God over himself!!!

His love for the word of God started stirring him up. Answering questions he had and wanted to be baptisted in water as an ending to his old life and lifestyle!!! A public testimony to all the seen and unseen world!!! Glory to God!!!! That exactly he did!! His baptism was end of July 2017.

With great celebration in heaven!!! (Luke 15:7 + Mark 16:16)!!!

He had hope again in his life because of Jesus & God`s mercy, kindness & great love!!!

Glory to God for hope been restored!!! As the bible says, when we believe we will become prisoners of hope!!!

David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
David`s testimony pg 1.pdf
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