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The Necklace making group in bukasa

This Group started with one lady who knew how to make necklaces. Her name is Immaculate. You can read about her in one of those incredible stories on our page.

We could rent a room in Bukasa to facilitate the group who meet now 4 times a week. 13 women and little children learning to make paper beads. They chat with each other, getting to know each other, helping each other and sharing the testimony of Jesus being alive, a helper and saviour in their lifes.

Our translater when going to meet all of them is Moses our Mobilizer of Hope for Bukasa. One young man encouraging the group in their walk with each other and our Lord Jesus Christ. He is doing a wonderful job!!! You will see this in a clip he recorded recently on this page :) The ladies are truly encouraging in their perseverence, patience and hard work!!! No it isn`t easy to start of. You will need those materials:

Then you need skills !!!!  It normally takes one and a half day to finish one necklace.

You need to cut paper in a special way, roll it to one bead, glue it and let it dry. Having repeated that process depending how many beads you need for one neclace you then put them on a long rope to put varnish as protection on and let it dry again. Then you need to take them off and with a needle put the paper beade, the bought transparent beads on the plastic string. Adding a bought fastener. And Hallelujah !! It is finished!!! They have made beautiful necklaces :) We want to try to sell them in hotels here in Uganda but also abroad. If you want to sell some for them in the pre-Christmas season or all around the year in your church, family or workplace than let us know!!!




     for sharing her skills with us :)






          for recording this video

      and making it available to us!


                  THANK YOU!!!!



David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
David`s testimony pg 1.pdf
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