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Hope for Bukasa

Income Generating projects (IGP)

These are projects where people from a community invest from their own small money & skills God has given them.

We are facilitating them with a place to meet and starting buying the first material or what else would be needed.

This gives them hope for a future. From what they are selling and earning they can provide for their families, schoolfees, many other basic needs plus they can as a group or family invest in new projects, like poultry.

Already we are seeing the results of the necklace making group of 13 women who meet 4 times a week to work, help and sharing with each other, getting to know Jesus while being together.

Should you want to help with what you have, material as well as financially or even sending them a card of incouragment or would like to sell their products before Christmas and around the year it would be a great encouragement to hear from you!

David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
David`s testimony pg 1.pdf
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