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First day of school :)




Last Term of the school year starts for Marion :)
But coming today to the Open Day at school after Half Term ( a 2 weeks school holiday) I was surprised!!! On my arrival at the school I found one teacher and another lady plus 4 little children aged 3-4. I missed Marion and all the other children!!! I was invited a month ago for this day! Out of 100 children in this school I found 4 :(
I did have many questions regarding the other children's absence, just to learn many aren't here because parents can not pay the school fees, exercise books, sugar, toilet paper, food and other requirements. That's why they come tomorrow morning or Wednesday or even next week :-O !!!
I couldn't believe this!!! Normally, where I come from in other countries the school would be running normal with all the teachers & pupils there ready for a new term.
Normally it would be a very happy day for all who come to school.
Not so here!!!
Saddened by all of this I had to leave the place. Outside I met the children who suppose to be at school...playing....
My heart just sunk by this injustice!!!

There again my question to you!

Would you be able
to help to give £35 per month to one of our children to be able to learn reading & writing?








David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
David`s testimony pg 1.pdf
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