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Sponsoring a Child/Adult

Sponsering a child or an adult is to bless other`s who have less than we do. Sharing what we have. Blessing them with what we have. Helping someone to read and write to improve their future, families and with it the whole local area is such a joy!





Having seen the children of Bukasa not being able to go to school, not being able to learn reading & writing made us cry! Helping one child with whatever you would like to financially give will help going to school, having 2 warm meals a day and medical first aid when needed, including clean water to wash themselves. The normal costs for one child to do so are £35 per month.

                        Thank you for loving those who have nothing for themselves!




Getting to know that many of the adults in Bukasa haven`t been to school themselves. Droping in and out of school with no qualifications because they haven`t the money for the fees makes those with no jobs, young parents with children, vulnerable to those who are more literate.

To help them getting basic education would help them greatly. Give generously as a child education would cost normally £35. Considering taking care of those adults AND their babies and toddlers while learning as well.

Thank you for your love for the helpless!

David's testimony in his own words :)
Should you have difficulty reading David''s personally hand writing you can read it here once more
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