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Our Story

Mark and Sabine met almost 5 years ago in Germany. Mark is an Evangelist who found Jesus in 2003, he later met Sabine who also had a zeal and passion for Jesus and the lost. Since then, they got married to each other, moved to the UK and started going together to the streets for Christ to worship, praise, preaching the gospel of salvation, as well as praying with the people.

Many came to the Lord and Jesus gave this ministry a name "JESUS STREET MINISTRY" the Lord must have made a point in bringing Mark and Sabine together!!


They saw how the presence of God touched and healed people.

In 2015 while Sabine was working in a christian retreat centre, the Lord spoke to them to go for 3 months to Uganda to learn.

What kind of learning did He mean? Learning about this beautiful country, about its people and much more.

There was no intention or purpose in this all to even considering to come back to it.

But the Lord changed their hearts and vision:

"One day we went with local people to go to the streets for Jesus. After praying we knew the location we should go to was Bukasa.

Going there doing what we normally always had done on the streets praising the Lord, talking to people about Him it had been only a matter of minutes

that a man invited Jesus into his heart. Going from one small home or shop made out of wood, more shed like looking, we talked to people.

In doing so we could count 50 people inviting Jesus in only 2 hours! Glory to Him!!!

We were so greatly encouraged that we went a second day at a close location to Bukasa and the same happened! Isn`t it wonderful?

Praying about all of this we were reminded of Matthew 28: 19-20: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Yes, we would like to see those who came to Jesus to be able to get to know Him more! We prayed about this and the Lord opened a door to establish a church in Bukasa "HOUSE OF JOY & PEACE BUKASA".

Meeting with those people we could feel the Lord`s heart! They were only 2 people from over 25 adults & children who were able to read!!! We were speechless!!! How can this be? They can not afford the school fees, so they do not go to school!!!

Even the younger adults, already with small children can not read or write at all! They would not know what they are signing on a page !!! Unbelievable!

In hearing the Lord`s voice in a row of 5 days we knew He loved those people and wanted us to do something with and for them if we can!

There are so many children. Normally a family in Uganda has got 1-7 children and there are also many street children no one cares about!

The Lord enlarged our vision which you can read about in the pages of "What we do' !

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